UNITY Vibes is a collection of stories that celebrates the flexible lifestyle from the perspective of our customers, partners and colleagues.  

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UNITY Vibes @ Hammarby Sjöstad

Amin Maaz

Amin Maaz, founder & CEO of Solar Choice, is building a new sustainable company.

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UNITY Vibes @ Hammarby Sjöstad

Malin Jensen

Malin Jensen, interior designer & partner at Kind Of, is creating new looks.

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UNITY Vibes @ Hammarby Sjöstad

Alfred Lauritsen

Alfred Lauritsen, partner of Blonde Inc., has just moved to Stockholm to establish Blonde Inc on the Swedish market.


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UNITY Vibes @ Hammarby Sjöstad

Cecilie Grønbæk

Cecilie Grønbæk, Senior PR Consultant & Specialist at Hoss Agency, moved into UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad. One month prior she had thanked yes to a new opportunity in her worklife, which broad her to Stockholm, Sweden. 


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UNITY Vibes @ Tampere

Vishal Chatrath

Vishal Chatrath works at uWork Tampere. He fell in love with Lake Pyhäjärvi - and also convinced his colleagues that UNITY Tampere is a truly unique place.


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UNITY Vibes @ Tampere

Mahsa & Tim Fischer

When the Fischer family was searching for a temporary home in Tampere for six months, it had to be big enough, furnished, and reliable. UNITY Tampere fulfilled all the criteria and even offered some small luxuries to the busy professor parents.


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UNITY Vibes @ Tampere

Heli Rantala

Heli Rantala, who returned from Canada to Tampere, found a summer home in UNITY where she can find solace and enjoy life after tumultuous years. Also enjoying it is her dog Elda, whose life on Pyynikki is like that of a little princess.


Åbent kontor Overblik 70106 Pyynikki Tampere Pyynikki Tampere INT Roomtype G Stue 70105 Helsinki Music House INT Roomtype 705 Kitchen 2020.06.17 LTA Visualisering

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