Each UNITY project takes all construction and material choices into account – from the bricks and insulation materials to the power sources that light up, cool down or heat up our building.

Building materials are picked out, reviewed and implemented by professionals. Our material selection management partner in Sweden, Sunda Hus, reviews the building process locally and secures real time management and understanding of the environmental implications of material selection.

We wish to be among the front runners of environmentally friendly building in Europe. Therefore, our UNITY projects aim for specific environmental status awards. We are currently following the Swedish Green Building Council’s guidelines for environmental certification and have the following aims:

  • UNITY Kista Campus – Silver
  • UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad – Bronze
  • UNITY Kista – Silver
  • UNITY Malmö – Silver


The Offsite award is aimed at celebrating companies with sustainable and innovative projects.



001 Fortapro Factory Production

Factory production

002 Fortapro Jylland Modules Completed And Finished In Factory

Modules completed

008 Fortapro Jylland Building 3 Sealed Consealed

Jylland building

009 Fortapro Jylland Installation Winter Time Building 2

Jylland installation


Our construction partner, Forta PRO, has achieved International recognition with its student apartment modular buildings dubbed the "Kvarteret Jylland" Project, our UNITY KISTA location.

The OFFSITE award is aimed at celebrating companies with sustainable and innovative projects that have meaningfully extended the frontiers of offsite construction technology application. The Kvarteret' Jylland Project' Sweden, which emerged under the category, involved building a fleet of Student Apartment Modular Buildings (345 rooms) for young individuals in Kista, Stockholm — Sweden's capital and largest city. 

Using prefabricated concrete core and modules, Forta PRO achieved a seamless process with the project delivered on time and on budget. The quality finishing and design were created considering the industry's best practices, customer standards, and Sweden's sustainable and quality living requirements. 

This not only acknowledges the innovation in the processes, but also calls for improved standards in providing sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective offsite building, regardless of scale."