Chemical free cleaning is not only beneficial to the environment, but also has a positive effect on people’s health. And let’s be frank, we do clean a lot.

At UNITY nearly 90 % of the cleaning products used have an environmentally friendly labelling and all paper hygiene materials used and offered to our residents are Nordic Swan Eco-labelled. To achieve the highest standard of chemical free, environmentally friendly, economical and safe cleaning at UNITY, we make use of the ec-H2O technology:


  • Begins and ends as tap water
  • Eliminates the environmental impact generated from standard cleaning agents
  • Consumes up to 70 % less water compared to standard cleaning machines
  • Eliminates costs for cleaning agents
  • Makes it possible to scrub 1,500 square meters with only 40 litres of water, and extended time between emptying and refilling of water gives a longer scrubbing time
  • Minimizes time spent on handling of chemicals, dosing and training of operators
  • Eliminates work related injuries occurring through contact with chemicals
  • Reduces fall and slip related accidents, since the floors are free from chemical residues



… that nature has given us an abundant variety of natural cleaning agents and disinfectants? For instance, tomato ketchup is a stain remover – it can polish tarnished brass and get rid of rust stains from fabrics. A banana can polish sliver items just as the lemon can be used as a substitute disinfectant and bleaching agent. And finally, a weird fact: apparently, a kitchen sink is dirtier and contains much more germs than a toilet!