is a collection of stories that celebrates the flexible lifestyle from the perspective of our customers, partners and colleagues.  

Amin Read more

Amin Maaz, founder & CEO of Solar Choice, is building a new sustainable company.

Malin Read more

Malin Jensen, interior designer & partner at Kind Of, is creating new looks.

UNITY VIBES Alfred 1 Read more

Alfred Lauritsen, partner of Blonde Inc., has just moved to Stockholm to establish Blonde Inc on the Swedish market.


UNITY VIBES Cecilie 1 (1) Read more

Cecilie Grønbæk, Senior PR Consultant & Specialist at Hoss Agency, moved into UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad. One month prior she had thanked yes to a new opportunity in her worklife, which broad her to Stockholm, Sweden. 

Our 5in1 concept

We offer intelligent and cleverly designed studio apartments with 5 rooms in 1. We have gathered an entire home in one studio apartment containing living room, bedroom, kitchen, office and bathroom. 

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