A collection of stories that celebrates the flexible lifestyle from the perspective of our customers, partners and colleagues.  


January 2022, Cecilie Grønbæk, Senior PR Consultant & Specialist at Hoss Agency, moved into UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad. One month prior she had thanked yes to a new opportunity in her worklife, which broad her to Stockholm, Sweden. 

"I needed a place that I could move into immediately without having to worry about practicalities and furnitures as I kept my apartment in Copenhagen where I live most weekends with my fiancé. With other words; I needed a flexible home…away from home."


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"UNITY is the perfect solution for my needs - I have everything I need under one roof."

"Other than my fully furnished and equipped apartment, I really appreciate the amazing co-working spaces and workout facilities at UNITY. 

I frequently use the gym in the morning before going to work - starting the day off in a good way, and there is no excuses when the gym is located only two floors down from my apartment and with an amazing view and facilities.

Also their co-working facilities uWork, gives my everyday such more flexibility. I love working in the uWork space where I can concentrate very well when I need to focus on writing press releases etc. without being disturbed by my colleagues at the office. 

The flexibility of having a completely furnished apartment available in Stockholm when traveling back and forth for Copenhagen is a huge advantage. 

I never need to worry about anything - I have everything I need in my apartment at UNITY and I have even bought a few personal items to make it more “homey". 

I love that I can eat, sleep, work and workout within UNITY - I have a very busy work life and UNITY definitely makes my everyday life much more convenient."

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"I never need to worry about anything - I have everything I need in my apartment at UNITY."

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Our UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad location

Based in the heart of Hammarby Sjöstad, our location here has 140 studio apartments, 150 co-working desks, private offices to rent, a restaurant, gym and facilities that makes life and work blend together in perfect harmony. 


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