Our beautiful carpets from Danish Egetæpper are made from fishing nets collected from the ocean. How is that?

The used fishing nets are cleaned, cut into smaller pieces, and entered a refining process where they break down into their original chemical formula in the form of nylon chips. They are then included as raw materials in the manufacturing of new Nylon 6 nylon products – including carpet yarn. These regenerated and regenerable yarns are eco-friendly alternatives that help take care of our future world – without in any way compromising design and quality.



… that today more than half of the carpets at Ege Carpets are produced by regenerated and renewable material, which is made of industrial waste like used fishing nets?

Every year, 11,000 tons of old fishing nets and gear are lost or discarded on European seas. This waste reportedly accounts for 27% of the trash found on beaches (EU Commission).