A series of stories about the future professionals


UNITY is designed to be a hub for people to inspire each other and share knowledge. Here you will meet the creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

We want people to use the exciting spaces at UNITY and explore the industrial building in new ways. Creative and innovative people look at the world with new eyes. We can all be stimulated and motivated by seeing things from other angles and in new perspectives. 

At UNITY you can always meet interesting people and be inspired. 

Today, we met with Malin Jensen, a creative fashion designer. Together with Maria Lagerman who runs c / o Circles, Malin offers Digital personal shopping, by hand-picked Second hand, through the brand KIND OF

The sustainable concept has been covered by many media and is an interesting trend to follow.  


"I am a freelance person, I am floating, I don't want to be boxed."

Malin Jensen is a creative person and is clear about how she can work best: "I always missed some kind of creative space. I always find better inspiration, better focus, when I see other people working around me."

Reflecting on trends and our behaviour is a natural part of the daily rutines. For Malin the environment and atmosphere is crucial and she is focused on being at spaces and with people that can give her energy and positive thoughts.

If you are looking for inspiration on second hand designs you can find more here on Instagram. 


“You are sometimes very lonely when you are a freelancer.”

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