A series of stories about the future professionals


For UNITY new working spaces and intelligent living rooms not only mean a more flexible solution when demands for accessible office desks or smarter homes is increasing. To identify new living and working behaviors is not unique for UNITY, but we work every day to deliver a solution that is designed to make a flexible life easier without compromises.

We want UNITY to be a community of likeminded people where they can inspire each other and share knowledge. We believe that if you are surrounded by inspiring people in an open and vibrant environment you can unleash yourself.

We have talked with people dreaming big and living to realize their dreams. They are different but they illustrate the development we see within our way of working and living.

Today, we met with Amin Maaz, founder and CEO of Solar Choice. Amin is an entrepreneur that dreams big and wants to transform the roofing industry with a new sustainable solar panel solution.


"When I am building a company, I am always trying not to think as a company, I am trying to think as a community."

Amin Maaz is very conscious of how he will develop his business. He is dependent on having good people around him to share ideas, give advice and help him grow Solar Choice. 

In his previous working life he has worked for larger companies, but now he wants to live out his dream and pursue the opportunities. Being an entrepreneur is tough but he has a clear vision of the road ahead. 

He is open minded and uses his network to reach out to people that can contribute. Trust and personal chemistry are key factors for Amin when meeting new people. Personal values and mindset are important in assessing how to forge a closer bond and open up for collaboration.


“You have to be very curious and passionate. You cannot know everything from the start, so you have to be openminded to find new solutions. That passion is what keeps it going, even when it is though.”

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Our UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad location

Based in the heart of Hammarby Sjöstad, our location here has 140 studio apartments, 150 co-working desks, private offices to rent, a restaurant, gym and facilities that makes life and work blend together in perfect harmony.