Disclaimer of liability

Disclaimer of liability

Dated 28.03.2023

The marketing material uses visualisations (computer-generated graphic representations) of the landscape, facades and interiors. The visualisations are for evocative purposes only and may differ significantly from future actual conditions.
The exterior of the property, including but not limited to roofs and facades, may be shown with minor deviations from the actual execution, which, however, do not overall, detract from the quality of the property.
The furnishings and materials shown may differ from the actual conditions and photos and visualisations are an expression of a level of quality and examples of the furnishings.
The properties have different balconies, both in shape and size, so the balcony shown in the interior photos is just an example. The properties come partially furnished and the photos show furnishings and accessories that are not included.


Private policy

Dated 28.03.2023

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Dated 28.03.2023


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